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ed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. the "news nation" is calls what our first read calls the first high wire act following hurricane sandy's devastation with exactly one week into lakz day. we're getting in brand-new video. take a look. this is a glimpse of the severe damage this storm has caused along the jersey shore. this video coming in only a short time ago. aerials from new jersey national guards show entire neighborhoods, homes heavily damaged, many of them covered in sand. sandy is being blamed for at
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least 29 deaths across the eastern seaboard. this is a deadly storm and damage estimates are right now up to $20 billion and could rise. nearly 8 million people from the carolinas to ohio, 8 million without power. president obama held a conference call with governors and mayors in affected area after declaring several states federal disaster areas. the president canceled all campaign events for the third day. within the past few minutes we got word that the president's travel pool was told to gather at white house, which means the president is going to do something. however, we do not know what that is yet. according to our nbc news team at the white house. and governor romney also canceled rallying today, but he did attend an event in ohio. his campaign describes it as a storm relief event. >> i've had the chance to speak with some of the governors in the affected areas, and they've
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talked about a lot of people having hard times. i appreciate the fact that people aat dayton got up this morning and went to the grocery store and purchased things these families will need. i appreciate your generosity. >> while calling president obama's response to the storm outstanding, governor chris christie had this to say about sandy's effect on the election. >> it doesn't matter a lick it to me at the moment. i have much bigger fish to fry than that. >> joining me now is democratic strategy chris kofinis and erin mcpike. you heard governor christie. i think other words that a lot of people feel right now. we know the importance of the election. after all, this is the presidency we're discussing here, but at this point when you see new video like what came out of new jersey in the last few minutes, we have one week to
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deal with the election, but right now people are hurting. >> that's right. there was a rumor yesterday that mitt romney might go to new jersey to survey some of the damage. chris christie was asked about that. he essentially brushed that off and wasn't interested. he was interested in working with the president in relief efforts and didn't want to see presidential politics in new jersey. i thought that comment was more important that mitt romney can't show up on the east coast right now. he has to stay away. >> chris, where does the situation of the campaign stand right now? not the physical portion of it. we know and i'll play sound a little later of bill clinton in minnesota, but the reality in the minds of voters before sandy we were talking 3 to 5% of the undecided population out there. many others had actually put their stake in the ground and know who they are voting for. psychologically combine sandy, where does it stand? is it like christie said? >> i think to a lot of voters, especially in the states affected, virginia, maryland,
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pennsylvania, ohio, new hampshire shgz connecticut, in all these key states those voters aren't thinking about election day. they're worried about the impact this is having on their families and friends and communities and rightfully so. in terms when you look at it from 20,000 feet, i don't know what the good answer is. i think this freezes things in a lot of ways in terms of where we were in the election. i don't think it gives a candidate an advantage. what happens here is at some point election nearing and campaigning will begin again friday or saturday. voters will start to focus again. in terms of how it changes the race, i don't think it changes it much way or the other. where it does have an impact is on early votes, and my guess is you see both campaigning shifting more of the resources to make sure that people come out on election day rather than early votes. >> you think it perhaps will pick up again friday or
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saturday. we know that romney supporters have made big ads at the very end, the finish line. friday or saturday, will any mindis be changed? could any argument be effective at this point? not because of sandy but because time has run out? >> i'll tell you. out of all the elections i've watched or seen or been part of it, this is the most frut traiting to be part of. it's difficult to figure ut where the electorate wants to go. i actually think when you talk about three, four, five days left before the election, whatever it might be, there's still enough voters in critical battlegrounds that can move these states. these states are literally tied. so turnout in those final few minds will make a difference. whatever happens these last few days will have an impact. >> i should have pointed out as well, chris, that the poll we looked the at, we've seen
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movement here and there after the convention, maybe after the first dpee bait. in the end this race from the very beginning has been a dead heat, and that is really where it is right now. >> yeah, i think that's exactly right. i don't think anything has changed. i think this is a dead heat nationally and a dead heat in all key battlegrounds. it will essentially become what we like to say in a kind of trite way, it depends on turnout. in this election it actually will depend on turnout. who shows up to vote on election day will make the difference. >> erin, let me get you in on this. how would you assess the situation? we're double-boxing in many cases. for audience members this is when you see the split screen. it may include chris christie, the president or romney. the images you see on the screen all day yesterday and today are heart break, people's homes burned down outside of man hat it tan or i can't point out
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enough this new video of new jersey shore. many homes completely covered under sand. >> what that should tell you is that the election is frozen in this dead heat we've had. now, you mentioned earlier that the romney campaign is trying to expand a little bit, and now they're advertising in pennsylvania. at this point that's probably too little too late, and part of that is because the storm has gotten in the way. of course, people in pennsylvania are affected by it who won't pay attention it to the new campaign ads. i'm not sure if that was a wise investment by the romney campaign at this point late in the race. >> let me play what bill clinton had to say. he was in minneapolis, minnesota where the polls, 47/44, president obama with 47%. let me play a little bit of former president bill clinton, please. >> if those experts are right and we're going to get 12 million more jobs based on what he's already done, i think the guy who should be at the helm is the person whose policies
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created those jobs to give us a more perfect union. >> chris, there is former president bill clinton talking about jobs, which we know the is the most important thing right now in this race. the economy and recovery here. is a message like that affectefe with all the haze going on right now? should is that argument been sealed weeks ago, or if not longer than that? >> in the battlegrounds that have been impacted by the storm, i'm not sure what's going to penetrate over the next three or four days. we're talking about a much bigger map in places like wisconsin, nevada, colorado where you're going to have, i think in lieu of the principals, you have surrogates like president clinton going there speaking, it does have an impact. talking about the jobs and the president's agenda on the recovery but taking the country in a better place in the next four years as far as the middle class, that is a powerful message in the coming last days.
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>> absolutely. erin you referred to that ad in pennsylvania. it was 1.7 million if my mind is serving me correct right now. let me play this new ad from a romney campaign in pennsylvania. >> by the way, i like coal. people in the coal industry feel like it's getting crushed by your policies. i want to get america and north america energy-independent so we can create those jobs. >> for pennsylvania the choice is clear. >> is the choice really clear? obviously the early polling we have indicates it certainly appears pennsylvania leans directly to the president's direction, but obviously romney's campaign thinks they have something still to put up a fight there. >> well, the reason for that, tamron, is the internal polls for the obama campaign and romney campaign are very different. the obama campaign thinks it's up in most of the swing states, but the romney polls show a
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different story. the public polls show that president obama sleis leading m romney by a decent-sized margin in pennsylvania. >> thank you very much, chris and erin. i know it's a tough conversation. your attention is focused on all the people greatly affected by the storm and also on politics. it's important. search and rescue operations are in progress in atlantic city, new jersey with new video coming in plus the floodwaters still inundating atlantic city. dozens were trapped by floodwaters in their homes and emergency shelters after in some cases ignoring mandatory evacuation orders to move inland. in the meantime the city's mayor fought back against criticism about governor christie he allowed people to shelter in the city. the atlantic city mayor joins us by phone. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. good afternoon. >> before i get into this, give
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me an assessment what you know to be the case? are people still right now trapped? what's the situation? >> first of all, let me thank you for having your priority in the right place. certainly i think all of this back and forth between the governor and i has detracted away from what is really the most important thing that sthub in everybody's mind, and that's the safety and preservation of human lives. i'm happy to report that on that front with respect to safety and the preservation of human lives there has only been one fatalities, and when i say only, i don't mean to suggest that we take that lightly. given the catastrophic nature of the storm and the fact that the eye has slammed directly into atlantic city could have been a lot worse. in terms of human damage, if you will, that has been minimal. with respect to property damage, that's at the other end of the spectrum. >> so let me ask you moving on
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it to the fact there are people still right now in jeopardy. was there a mandatory evacuation order? >> first of all, i would challenge that assertion, that there are people still in jeopardy. >> everyone is clear? everyone is a-okay? >> to my knowledge, yes, ma'am. >> to your knowledge. but to your knowledge, that doesn't mean that that's an absolute, right? we're hearing -- >> what is your source that tells you people are in need of being rescued? >> i can tell you what early reports indicated, in that there were lots of roads covered, blocked so they could not get to a safe place as a result of sand dunes that spread throughout the streets. i saw live reports since 4 a.m. this morning and i saw your interview on "today." we saw the enormt of the video. i'm not saying anyone is dying, but there are roads that have been closed and emergency workers can't get in, right?
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>> 80% of the city streets right now are passable. there's very minimal -- as a matter of fact, i just drove from the command station back to my home in less than 15 minutes ago. most of the streets are passable. the major arteries are into the city and out of the city are still experiencing some difficulty, but for the most part people can get out. as a matter of fact people are walking out and about in the city right now as we speak. >> for the most part 80% of the roads are open, and you have some portions that are still not. let me play what governor christie is asserting since yesterday was his concern about the emergency or mandatory evacuation not being heeded to. let me play what he said. >> i had signed an executive order declaring an emergency and ordering the evacuation of atlantic city. for some reason the mayor gave a mixed message. >> he says you gave a mixed message, mayor.
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>> originally this morning he said i contravened an order and gave the opposite of what everybody should do. he's back pedaling a little bit. the governor needs to make up his mind. he would challenge governor as i challenged everybody to show evidence where myself or any official told people to not take heed to the warning that came not just from the governor's office but from the county and the city as well, which was that everybody should endeavor to move to higher ground as soon as possible, that this storm was nothing to play with, and everybody would be better served getting out of the city. that was a message that was repeatedly stated. there's evidence of that in our local daily newspaper. there's evidence of that with some of the major network affiliates. there's video footage. the message has always been consistent. where the governor is getting his knowledge and his information, only god knows. >> mayor, i appreciate you
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coming on to discuss this situation. i know that you put the residents first, as is the governor at this time. we'll see what happens after this. >> i hope that journalistic integrity would prevail and someone would challenge the governor to provide the source of the information he got. he's dead wrong, plain and simple. >> thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> the final jobs report is scheduled to be released friday, but will sandy delay that report? we'll have a live update from wall street. the storm forced some early voting sites to close in virginia, west virginia, and north carolina. is it possible election day could be affected by all of this? first, new comments from secretary of state hillary clinton in bosnia talking about her concern for new york. >> i love that city. i love that state. i couldn't help thinking there it was in this horrible emergency that mother nature had inflicted upon them.
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>> and you can join our conversation on twitter and find me at @tamronhall or at @newsnation. four years later... our enemies have been brought to justice. our heroes are coming home. assembly lines are humming again. there are still challenges to meet. children to educate. a middle class to rebuild. but the last thing we should do is turn back now. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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welcome back. in the past hour we found out the new york stock exchange will re-open tomorrow after being closed for the past two days as a result the of the damage caused by sandy. in the meantime the storm could delay the release of the final jobs report before election day. the labor department officials say they're hopeful they can release that final report as scheduled on friday. cnbc's scott kohn joins me live from lower manhattan. >> the better news is the stock exchange will re-open tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right. that was important for the a number of reasons. the new york stock exchange
11:20 am
hasn't closed two days in a row for weather since 1888. they do not like to close the exchange for an extended period ever. the other issue is tomorrow is the last day of the month. it's very important that they get trades in at the end of the month. it's also the end of the year for some entities, so they need to be able it to trade. they moved heaven and earth to keep the exchange open. the building remained dry and had power, but the question is whether the firms would be able to operate and people could get to work. that's still a little bit of an issue here, but at least there will be a market open during regular normal trading hours tomorrow, and that is key. >> and, scott, the labor department released earlier today indicated they plan to go ahead and release the numbers on friday as scheduled. is there any new information
11:21 am
from that point? >> no, that's the expectation. it would have been pretty extraordinary for them to delay it, and it looks as though they will get the numbers out there. we should point out that the disruptions from sandy from this week will not be included in the jobs -- the october jobs report that comes out on friday because they do the survey earlier in the month. in other words, it would have been done last week. you will see some impacts from all of this going forward, and certainly next month on the jobs report. but the expectation now is that it will come out on schedule, 8:30 eastern time on friday morning and not affected by sandy early in terms of the numbers or the title. >> thank you very much. we're following breaking news. president obama as we reported the at the top of the hour was leaving the white house. he has now left the white house and arrived at the red cross headquarters. nbc political director chuck todd is standing by. i saw you in andrea's hour.
11:22 am
you indicated that the reporters were told that the president would be on the move, and now we know where he's going or when. >> he's at the red cross in ten minut minutes. he's making remarks to use the red cross as a setting. that's encouraging folks to make donations to the red cross. the red cross is looking for donations and specific areas of help. they've been to the point of contact for everybody. both campaigns, the romney and obama campaign, have been directing people to the red cross website to help. i want to give you also a readout on the call that the president had about two hours ago with governors and mayors in the affected areas. a couple things came out of it. in the official read from the white house they don't say which states were offering help to the states that needed it the most, but i can tell you new york and new jersey are the ones that are feeling overwhelmed. they are looking for more help and assistance. all of the other governors in all of the other states surrounding connecticut,
11:23 am
massachusetts, maryland, virginia, pennsylvania, you name it all on the call were offering assistance and help to new york and new jersey. it sort of narrows it down. i know there's questions how hard hit is connecticut and pennsylvania. they're all -- they're all in tough shape, but all of those governors expressed optimism they can handle this disaster relief. new york and new jersey, very overwhelmed now looking for more help. >> it's interesting obviously with new jersey, chris christie is back and forth with the mayor of atlantic city. when it comes to president obama his comments were of great praise regarding the leadership so far during the crisis. >> it's a reminder the best politics in a situation like this is not to play politics. the more you focus on sort of the issue at hand, the politics takes care of itself. it's a lesson that a lot of governors have learned watching others act or not act very well over the years. if you start thinking about the
11:24 am
politics of a situation, about somebody's party i.d. and you start tweaking your answers in that case, you end up getting yourself in trouble. >> all right. thank you, chuck, for joining us. as chuck noted the press will get remarks in ten minutes. coming up, dead even in massachusetts with just one week to go. a new poll shows senator scott brown and lelizabeth warren tie in the senate race. that's according to a new "the boston globe" poll. how hrz urricane sandy is affecg the final face-off. here's a look at the presidential polls. it's neck and neck with president obama at 47% and governor romney according to the real clear national average at 48%. ♪ [ watch ticking ] [ engine revs ] come in. ♪ got the coffee. that was fast.
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11:28 am
early voting. the governor of virginia wants to extend hours for casting absentee ballots only. the virginia governor says he's confident precincts will be ready for election day. >> we don't believe there will be any problem with any voting location, any precinct of the 2800 or so precincts. none of them we anticipate will have any problem being fully operational next tuesday. >> which will be no easy managing editor of so this is go down as a thing we talk about in history, the storm, and, of course, the questions regarding the impacts it could have on the election. the first thing a lot of people are asking if we could see a delay next week. >> theoretically, yes. theoretically now congress does have the power to basically set an election day any they want. the chances it will happen are
11:29 am
as naum cali low. >> some of the things that could happen, already fema, fred fugate has informed states the federal government would reimburse them from relocating polling places. >> you wonder what the political implications are here. theoretically you would think president obama can only win here because that small sliver of the electorate they're going after, theoretically these low propensity voters may decide to come out because they see this as presidential and a rally around the flag effect. i think the chance of something happening significant he here are diminished. >> what do you make of the extraordinary circumstances we are in? a lot of people have tweeted, for example, about power being out. what does that mean for malfunctioning machines? all that speculation rolls into play. >> i think it's more than the
11:30 am
fact we're having a conversation. the fact the election is away means that they have time to correct anything that goes wrong. you have seen wildcards. these situations in 1980s you wondered during the iran hostage crisis, you wondered if it would affect carter's re-election. >> congress has to change the date but it has to act quickly but it does not look like it's in our future. thankfully so. >> theoretically, this is astronomically low. the states have the power to award nir electoral votes in any way they choose. they can decide instead of awarding it through people going to the polls, they could have the the legislators chosen and the power of people to choose it. this is astronomically low. >> thank you very much. some comforting news. i don't think we need any more drama at this point. thank you. greatly appreciate you coming by. >> no problem.
11:31 am
>> still ahead, president obama's campaign responds to what many call mitt romney's inaccurate and misleading ad about the auto industry. >> and now after romney's false claim of jeep outsourcing to china, chrysler itself has refuted romney's lie. >> nbc's first read team says the bottom line is team romney is giving the impression they're trailing in ohio by going down that bumpy road regarding the auto industry. senior political editor mark murray is up next with this hot topic. take a look. today nate silver of the "new york times" 538 blog forecast, that's on november 6th. president obama has a 73% chance of winning re-election. the president with 295 electoral college votes and governor romney with 243. hello? boo! i am the ghost of meals past. when you don't use new pam, this is what you get.
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huge parts of nooshgz city
11:35 am
still hurting as a result of sandy. right now all public transportation, a system that more than 5 million people depend on to get to work and to school, has been shut down and will not re-open for at least three days. lower manhattan, the area around the world trade center and wall street has been swamped by record 13 foot storm surge. richard liu joins us live from lower manhattan. it's an interesting contrast, you go to times square and you see tourists walking around. this is a residential area largely. not a lot of that going on right now. >> reporter: yeah. in the area here, tamron, wall street and below 30th street below 29th last night completely no power. half a million people were affected and cut off from the rest of the world really. they had no way to get out. look at ocean at the moment. now about 8 feet below the edge. that came up in an hour, hour
11:36 am
and a half. that 13-foot surge, i walked around this way. it made it over the edges here in one hour, and you can see over here as or cameraman moves, we've got these boards. these boards are how far in the ocean water came. it's since gone as you can tell. that amount of water completely incapacitating the area. right now they have intermittent cell phone service and intermittent broadband service. with no electricity very tough for a lot of people here, tamron. when i came through the city 30 minutes ago, some of the shop signs are blinking. so they have power in some spaces. tomorrow we learned that the stock exchange will re-open. it was closed yesterday. that's a big change. you remarked about the people that are out and about right now in midtown. when i was coming down the highway, you were able to see people biking with their children. maybe not the impact that they
11:37 am
thought it was going to be, tamron. we have to wait and see. >> heard so many different stories and how this storm has impacted. you look there. we showed video, richard, at the top of the hour. new coast guard video, national guard video from new jersey. smt beaches and homes completely destroyed. the contrast of what happened as a result of sandy. thank you, richard. we continue to watch a dangerous situation in manhattan. a giant crane is still dangling 1,000 feet above the ground on west 57th street. the crane sits atop a 90-story luxury high-rise apartment building. the crane suddenly collapsed during high winds on monday. it was at the end of "news nation" we brought you the first images of the crane. s in video of it playing out. it was posted on youtube. it's been inspected and secured last friday. that's what they said last friday. the other buildings in the area, the major hotels have been
11:38 am
evacuated. this is some of the video, a rare glimpse of how it played out and the danger it still posing. up next, sandy changes the plans for elizabeth warren and senator scott brown's last debate. plus, the latest polls. we'll have that all for you. ♪ [ crowd cheering ] ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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in a new ad team obama fired back at governor romney's claim that jeep is outsourcing jobs to china, but the campaign is using some of its strongest language yet. >> even the conservative detroit news criticized romney for his wrong-headedness on the bailout. after romney's false claim of jeep outsourcing to china, chrysler itself has refuted romney's lie. mitt romney and ohio jobs, wrong then. >> let detroit go interrupt. >> dishonest now. >> mark murray joins me. mark, we have governor strik land, former governor of ohio on
11:42 am
yesterday. he called the romney ads desperate and many other surrogates for the president have said the same thing. they're firing back in an ad specifically. what is behind this -- i don't know this attempt by governor romney's campaign to put this out after the detroit news and others said that his claim is misleading. it's wrong. it's untrue. i don't know how many other descriptions you can lay out there. >> tamron, i wouldn't use the word desperation. the ad that the romney campaign first put out on this jeep situation isn't coming from a position of strength. if you were leading in ohio, you wouldn't be running that type of ad to muddy the waters on the auto bailout on what jeep is doing. you'd be closing in a very positive way. i will tell you, i was just in ohio last week, tamron. there were so many ads coming from the obama campaign as well as the democratic senator all touting the auto bailout. clearly the mitt romney campaign is trying to talk and make this
11:43 am
allegation about jobs being shipped oversees to china seemed to be a very defensive move with a week before the election. >> it was governor strickland who called it a desperate ad. we know the importance of ohio and look at the maps. we've talked about it at length as well as the entire team of what governor romney needs here. the reality on the ground is he's not been able to in the polling pass president obama in ohio. so you've got this ad that even -- or words that even chrysler says are misleading and inaccurate. if it is not desperation, i got to want to put words in your mo mouth. you have to wonder what it is. this is not a ad where you say maybe it is or may it's not. chrysler says it's not true, the assertion comes from governor romney got started last thursday. >> it's a position of weakness for the romney campaign going out with this ad. tamron, you are right that chrysler now having to weigh in and saying, look, the
11:44 am
insinuation in this ad that jobs are shipped overseas to china is incorrect. for chrysler to weigh in ends up hurting probably the romney campaign. i will go into the truth of all. this original romney ad is technically true is that jeeps are being created in china, that's like any honda or toyota is being built in the united states. when you look at the totality of that ad says u.s. jobs are shipped over to china and that isn't correct. >> one of the other assertions from the obama campaign is the reason these cars are manufactured for the chinese consumer is because they're doing so well at this point. that's another push back to tout the success of the auto industry in so many ways as a result of actions taken by the obama administration. >> that goes into the whole debate over this auto bailout, and as we made the point about three or four years ago right after the auto bailout, gm goes
11:45 am
and so goes the obama presidency and so goes the election. this campaign with so much attention focused on ohio, one in eight jobs are related somehow to the auto industry there. you see the romney campaign try to make a move and correct things. the question is whether it's too late and whether they're being hit very hard on this current attack that they've had on that jeep ad. >> thank you so much. greatly appreciate you coming on. we'll see what happens there. thank you, mark. massachusetts senator scott brown and elizabeth warren canceled their final debate for tonight as a result of hurricane sandy. in statements both candidates said going forward with the fourth debate would be, quote, inappropriate. it's after a new boston globe poll shows the race tied with brown slightly leading warren 45-43. you know there's a university poll out saying warren is up around 7 points. nevertheless there's a big shift
11:46 am
from what you and what "the boston globe" indicated back in september. >> yeah. i think you've seen the volatility of this race. the majority of polls are still favoring warren by a few points. they're all basically within the margin of error, and there's a little volatility there. both sides and a lot of political handicappers see warren with a little bit of an edge there. clearly it's within striking distance for both candidates, and i think that's the important thing that our poll showed. >> let's talk about the decision, a mutual decision to call off the debate. we know at least one other debate between the two of them was in jeopardy due to business on the hill. it's very interesting, again, this final debate, and they have a lot of bad blood if you will between them. a lot of personal back and forth here. this is one of the hottest senate races that we will follow next week. >> sure. yeah, i was all ready to cover a debate today. won't have it.
11:47 am
warren has said she would like to go forward with a thursday debate, which is the alternate time proposed. brown has not completely ruled it out but says he does not think another debate is necessary. he doesn't think he's going to have time. he's got campaigning to do, he said. so he's definitely down-played the possibility for another deba debate. they've had three, but it's been a while. as we saw from the polls, there are still quite a few people beginning to pay attention to the race. >> speaking of those people who are just beginning at the end of the race it to pay attention, what are the concerns some democrats have with elizabeth warren and the same with independents who are leery of mr. brown? >> liz warren is trying to get out the democrats voting for obama to come out for her and make sure the turnout is big. obama is expected to win big here, and the question is how big? it's sort of like a point spread
11:48 am
in sports. the teams the field may have one definition of winning and the betters have another. she needs a big spread here and brown needs a smaller spread. that's what's the difference in all these polls, the margin of victory there. brown is trying to make sure he cuts into her democratic state and really overwhelmingly pins independents, and he's doing well. depending on the poll he's doing very, very well or pretty well. all these things make a difference in a close election. but that's why he's been appealing to being a bipartisan figure and at the same time trying to undermine any strength she has by saying she has character issues. >> thank you very much. great pleasure to have you on. >> thank you. >> massive layoffs tops our look at stories around the nation today. ubs plans to cut 10,000 jobs by
11:49 am
2015. that's about 16% of its global work force. news of the layoffs comes as the company posted another big loss for the third quarter. the bank says the layoffs are partd of a strategy to shore it up. two apple executives stepping down. john brower was the head of apple store operations, and iphone software chief team scott forstall is leaving. both oversaw blunders in the company this year. forstall's team launched that application and apple had to apologize for the maps people are dplaning p about. sandy came ashore hours ago, but a blizzard warning in west virginia until tomorrow. up next, an update from the state where some areas got more than 2 feet of snow. of course, you can join the "news nation" on our facebook page. we're at
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welcome back. we're following breaking news. president obama is at the red cross headquarters down the street from the white house. he's canceled all campaign events today and yesterday and tomorrow. this is our first opportunity to see the president today obviously addressing the tremendous amount of damage caused by hurricane sandy up and down the east coast. this is a video of the president right now. let's listen. >> they're on the scene doing work every time we have a disaster here in the united states of america, but obviously the rez cross is doing outstanding work internationally. we want to thank them. a few things to emphasize to the public at the top.
11:54 am
this storm is not yet over. we've gotten briefings from the national hurricane center. it is still moving north. there are still communities that could be affected. so i want to emphasize there's still risks of flooding and still risks of downed power lines, risks of high winds, and so it is very important for the public to continue to monitor the situation in your local community, listen to your state and local officials, follow instructions. the more you follow instructi s instructions, the easier it is for our first responders to make sure that they're dealing with true emergency situations. so the better prepared individual families are for the situation, the easier it is for us to deal with it. next, obviously, i want to talk about the extraordinary hardship that we've seen over the last 48 hours. our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who have lost loved ones. unfortunately, there have been fatalities as a consequence of
11:55 am
hurricane sandy. it's not clear that we've counted up all the fatalities at this point. obviously, this is something that is hard-breaking for the entire nation. we certainly feel profoundly for all the families who lives have been upended and are going to go through tough times over the next several days and perhaps several weeks and months. the most important message for nem is america is with you. we're standing behind you, and we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet. earlier today i had a conversation with the governors and many of the mayors in the affected areas, including governor christie, governor cuomo and mayor bloomberg. i want to praise them for the extraordinary work they have done. you know, sadly we are getting more experienced with these
11:56 am
kinds of big-impact storms along the east coast, and the preparation shows. were it not for the outstanding work that they and their teams have already done and will continue to do in the affected regions, we could have seen more deaths and more property damage. so they have done extraordinary work working around the clock. the coordination between the state, local and federal governments has been outstanding. obviously, we're now moving into the recovery phase in a lot of the most severely aaffectffecte areas. new york, new jersey in particular has been pounded by the storm, connecticut has taken a big hit. because of some of the work done aahead of time, we've been able to get over a thousand fema officials in place, prepositioned. we've been able to get supplies, food, medicine, water, emergency
11:57 am
generators to ensure that hospitals and law enforcement offices are able to stay up and running as they are out there responding. we are going to continue to push as hard as we can to make sure that power is up throughout the region, and obviously, this is mostly a local responsibility and the private utilities are going to have it to lean forward. we are doing everything we can to provide them additional resources so that we can expedite getting power up and running in many communities. the places like newark, new jersey, for example, where you have 80, 90% of the people without power. we can't have a situation where that lasts for days on end. so my instructions to the federal agency has been, do not figure out why we can't do something. i want you to figure out how we do something. i want you to cut through red tape. i want you to cut through bury
11:58 am
rock see. there's no excuse for inaction at this point. i want every agency to lean forward and make sure we get the resources where they're needed as quickly as possible. i want to repeat. my message to the federal government, no bureaucracy and red tape. get it where it's needed as fast as possible and for the duration. the recovery process in a place like new jersey is going to take a significant amount of time. the recovery process in lower manhattan will take a lot of time. part of bwhat we're doing here s to see where some resources could be brought to bear that maybe traditionally are not used in these kind of disaster situations. for example, there may be military assets that allow us to help move equipment to ensure that pumping and getting the flooding out of new york subway
11:59 am
systems can proceed more quickly. there may be resources we can bring to bear to help some of the private utilities get their personnel and their equipment in place more swiftly so we can get power up and rung as soon as possible. so my message to the governors and the mayors and through them, through the communities that have been hit so hard, is that we are going to do everything we can to get resources to you and make sure that any unmet need that is identified we are responding to as quickly as possible. i told the mayors and governors if they're getting no for an answer somewhere in the federal government, they can call me personally at the white house. now, obviously, you know, the state, local and federal response is important, but what we do as a community, what we do as neighbors and as fellow citizens and equally rt

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